Self-Employed Invoice Template in Word

Self-employed individuals and freelancers can use this free invoice template to save money on buying office equipment. Just print this invoice template and use it to charge for your services. The invoice template has many rows for line items, so you can include many services on one invoice. You can also fill this invoice on your computer and print it out afterwards.

Download: Selfemployment invoice

Photography Invoice Word

Photographers! This is the invoice for you. At the top there is a cool roll of film to easily identify your as a photography business. The invoice is very plain and simple, so that your customers can easily see what they owe and pay your balance immediately. Use this invoice to provide a quote for your photography business.

Download: Photography invoice sample

Contractor Invoice Word

Are you a general contractor, or work in the construction business? This is a very professional and elegant invoice template you can use to bill your customers. Fill in the table with the items you want to charge them and put the total at the bottom. This invoice is perfect for anyone looking to collect money for their services.

Download: Contractor – invoice template

Word – Cleaning services invoice

If you are in the cleaning business, this is a great invoice template for you. It has a picture of cleaning equipment, to clearly distinguish your business. You can use this invoice to collect money from customers for services rendered. There is a large amount of space to put in all the services you performed as well as any notes you may need to leave.

Download: Cleaning Services – invoice template

Word – Professional Invoice

Sometimes it is best to send a plain and simple invoice to display your professionalism. This invoice fits the bill. It is straight forward, clean, and professional. Use this invoice to bill your customers wether you are running a cleaning service, a photography business, a general contractor, or a myriad of other business owner.

Download: Profesional services invoice

Microsoft Word – sales invoice template

A good invoice to record your sales record for customers to see. This is a very simple and easy to use invoice you can use to invoice customers. Be sure to include as many information as possible to help the customers understand their purchases.

Microsoft Word – photography invoice template

This is a great photography invoice for photographers who need to invoice their customers. Fill out as much information as possible and send it off to your customers. The invoice has many pre-filled information, but you are free to delete them and enter your own information.